Effective teaching begins with passion. A passion for teaching students to think critically, work collaboratively. And an eagerness to help students find their own love of learning. Students are most likely to truly understand a concept or a skill when science activities are engaging. And allow for various opportunities to demonstrate their understanding. Allowing time for students to apply their knowledge through the use of manipulative. And also designing their own projects through the prism of differentiation. Also, seeing real-world application of concepts makes the classroom come alive.

Learn HOW to think and not WHAT to think!

It is the belief of Midnight Star that teaching students through active engagement. It is best to allow them to learn HOW to think and not WHAT to think. Many years of experience and endless modification of science activities has allowed for this website. These engaging science activities to be offered to other teachers who have the same passion. As well as eagerness to watch students think critically and see the world around them in a new light.

Teaching is a passion, as are the subjects of geology and astronomy for Midnight Star! It is an honor to introduce students to these unique fields of science that have such a direct connection to the real-world. Few topics are as engaging as geology and astronomy. Grabbing the attention of students with these subjects is made easy with the science activities provided here. It is exciting to be able to share with other teachers the work that has accumulated over twenty years that have proved to be successful in student learning.

Discoveries such as the amber containing a dinosaur tail, giant footprints left by dinosaurs in Australia. And hundreds of exoplanets detected by astronomers are but a few perfect “hooks” for teachers to use to engage students. If you want to make your classroom come to life, grab the attention of students and help students to think critically, you have come to the right site!

Join me and many others as we introduce students to the world of science!


Teaching your students HOW to think, not What to think, has never been easier!
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Introduce complex topics clearly and with little to no prep
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Giving students options
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Check for understanding; Quickly!


Organization of complex information
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Giving students the opportunity to examine where they are now and how to get where they are going
Science Worksheets
Worksheets are valuable instructional tools used in science education by teachers. They act as textbook supplements and give extra knowledge on the subject. Excellently-designed worksheets often attract children’s curiosity, helping them to engage more enjoyably.
Science Worksheets for Learners
Science’s complex nature typically intimidates learners from it. Under a complicated topic, lessons can suddenly get disinteresting. Knowing natural and scientific principles, for instance, demands more than just hearing; it requires focus. Frequently, schoolbooks are less enticing. Challenges such as those tend to compound the situation.
Science worksheets are beneficial aids for raising students’ motivation. They also tackle problems in a more comfortable way to assist in the conceptualization of the learners. Younger kids find lively drawings appealing. Worksheets also provide a clearer understanding of scientific knowledge for older students.
Science Worksheets for Educators
Although worksheets support students further, they aid educators as well. These instruments help encourage enthusiasm in the subject, thus enticing learners. Teachers also often find conversations with active participants healthier. A dynamic classroom environment facilitates a better realization of skills and expertise.
Worksheets tend to address not only data but also tasks such as lab research and school trips. They may manage the events, hold students’ focus on specific items, and define follow-up study.
Above all, worksheets serve as assessment methods for teachers to measure their students ’ progress. Educators can dissect which discussions are workable for each student for those that need adjustment.
Worksheets had already been utilized for several years. They have gotten more prevalent among academics of Science. However, are they successful?
The appropriate response is a definite yes. Researches have presented that the utilization of Science worksheets spurred education in several countries. Relevant worksheets impact learning efficiently. To promote educational achievements, academic establishments took advantage of them. They assist learners and educators alike in keeping a sustainable and more productive atmosphere for learning Science.


Teaching HOW to think, not WHAT to think.
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With teaching experience since 1995. Midnight Star has devised many activities, both large and small. That have been extensively tweaked and improved with repeated student use. These efforts have produced strategies and products that have consistently resulted in the highest test scores of all equivalent students across a district since common assessments began over 8 years ago. The key to student success is to continually improve upon practices that work well. Good is not acceptable; strive for great and watch your students soar!


Differentiated activities, formative check worksheets, test questions, guided practice activities, concept maps, and rubrics.

The types of products provided by Midnight Star include large, differentiated activities; formative check worksheets; test questions; guided practice activities; concept maps; and rubrics. Each activity is designed with a specific purpose in mind at differing stages of the learning process. In addition, the products sold here have been used and tweaked significantly over many years and therefore. And also to provide a reliable source of material for your classroom.

Each unit ends with a differentiated activity designed to check for understanding after significant repetition and practice. The activities found on this web site will continue to accumulate over time. Typically, these projects are individual and have a rubric for students. This is to reference as they progress and for teachers to use in assessing their understanding.

They are a proven method that ensures that students “get it. By engaging ALL students in the classroom and are particularly helpful with skills-based units. Look around this web site and you are sure to find activities that will work for you!

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