Activity Sheet Topographic maps geology science lessonThe types of products provided by Midnight Star include large, differentiated activities; formative check worksheets; test questions; guided practice activities; concept maps; and rubrics.  Each activity is designed with a specific purpose in mind at differing stages of the learning process.  In addition, products here can be use and tweaked significantly over many years. And therefore, provide a reliable source of material for your classroom.

Each unit ends with a differentiated activity designed to check for understanding after significant repetition and practice.  The activities found on this web site will continue to accumulate over time.  Typically, these projects are individual and have a rubric for students to reference as they progress. For teachers to use in assessing their understanding.

Formative checks

Used by Midnight star which can take many forms including. But not limited to: true/false worksheets, concept maps and differentiated writing prompts. Teacher can check activities easily and it’s not lengthy. Or by the student to assess their understanding.  Midnight Star does not grade these activities, but leaves them in the hands of students to review before the test.  Answer keys are provided at a check point in the room or on line for students to review later.

Test questions

This are tricky to write WELL.  Midnight Star provides test questions for teachers that can be used “as is” or be tweaked as needed to suit individual needs.  This can be most helpful to new teachers, or new teachers to the subject.  The questions provided on this web site have been used extensively and have proved reliable.

Guided practice activities

Are also provided here.  Collaboration is key when learning something new, and Midnight Star particularly favors using clickers during this phase of learning.  They are a proven method that ensures that students “get it. By engaging ALL students in the classroom and are particularly helpful with skills-based units.  Look around this web site and you are sure to find Science activities that will work for you!

Activity Sheet Topographic maps